With more than 20.000 anchorage points on the island of Majorca, it looks to the sea for inspiration. Thanks to the renovation of numerous sporting installations for the University Olympics in Majorca, the already present sporting enthusiasm has grown.
scuba diving
Amongst other renovations, the National Sailing School of Calanova is the cornerstone for aquatic activities in Mallorca. You can deep-sea dive, wind surf, surf, water-ski, jet-ski, etc.. Visitors are spoilt for choice; they can either discover new activities or improve their skills in one of these disciplines. Besides this, horse-riding in Mallorca and other horse shows are almost ancestral practices in Majorca. You will therefore find many equestrian centers in Majorca, where you will be able to relish the beauty of a ride on the sandy coasts, or discover the inland marvels of the island.

Scuba Diving

With Majorca's number of bays and caves, it offers you spectacular under-water scenery, and even a number of sunken ships; ideal for both beginners and for the more experienced. Diving schools in Majorca are numerous and there will be no language barrier because English, German, French and obviously Spanish, are all widely spoken. What makes the island of Majorca a good place to practice diving is the property of the water and its clearness in summer, which allows divers to dive without breathing apparatus, or with a simple snorkel. This is also the simplest and cheapest way of discovering Majorca's submarine life and that of the rest of the archipelago.


Coaching is practised as much in lakes as in the sea and the popularity of wind-surfing doesn't stop growing through the years. Even though conditions for windsurfing in Majorca aren't the very best, they can nevertheless be very interesting, especially for the less experienced. Note that in Winter winds can reach speeds of 4 to 5 on the Beaufort scale!!


As you can probably imagine, the island is not the first choice for the lovers of surfing. Majorca is a good spot for beginners who wish to surf, and in Winter, the Mediterranean Sea unlocks some of its energy, which can give rise to some good sensations on the waves.


This practice or sport is in Mallorca, as in many parts of Spain, more than a simple leisure activity; it is a way of life. Fishing in Majorca is practised at any time of day or night, in the evening after work or during long evenings at the weekend. You will easily find new or second-hand equipment, professional or amateur, as well as well equipped fishing boats. If you wish to learn, both professionals and lovers of fishing will be very happy to explain the basics.


If you enjoy hiking, Majorca is the place for you; there are plenty of sign-posted footpaths all throughout the island. The interior of Majorca, around the sierra of Tramuntana is a perfect area for lovers of nature. Many expeditions of Majorca are organised from just north of Soller, which is well reputed in this area. You will find many unofficial guides in Palma, but careful because many of these may be in German. The entire west region between Palma de Majorca and the port of Alcudia is quite mountainous. On clear days, the contrast that can be observed by looking at Majorca's coasts from the height of its mountain-tops is simply superb.
 biking valverde


Cycling gives you the chance to tour most of the island in a small amount of time, and gives access to most of these landscapes via charming well marked paths. There are many groups and cycling associations in Majorca that organise plenty of excursions across the island. This activity is also renowned on the island during the winter months, when professional teams come to the island to train, away from the bad weather and cold on the mainland. At the moment there is a tunnel between Palma and Soller, which improves access for motorised vehicles, but the old serpentine route through the mountains is a real treat for cyclists. Even though there is an easy access by way of this tunnel, its has become almost rare for cars to use it!! However, upon leaving Palma towards Andratx, Valldemosa, Deia and finally Soller, the narrow coastal route is very pleasant and meanders through scenic country landscapes and small typical villages.


Given Majorca's extraordinary geography, encompassing the sea and the mountains, horseriding when practised as a hike can transform Majorca's landscapes into a new world, waiting to be discovered. In almost every seaside resort in Mallorca, you will find Equestrian centres in Mallorca and teams of professionals to train and supervise you. Regarding prices, they remain quite reasonable throughout: between 10 and 15 euros per hour.


This fact may be surprising, but there are still a number of amateur climbers that visit the island of Majorca to do just this. Almost the entire Western coast of Majorca is towered over by the mountain chain Tramuntana. The heights of these mountains are not staggering, although Majorca's Puig Major peak reaches a considerable altitude of 1447m (located on the road between Soller and Pollenša, in between two artificial lakes, in the heart of Majorca's mountains). The quality and the formation of rock in Majorca is of a good consistancy for climbers. There are plenty of route maps for climbers of all levels, and many expeditions are organised throughout the year.


Tennis has almost always been a very popular and much practised sport in Spain, particularly in Catalunya. The country produces good professional tennis players every year, such as Majorca were born Carlos Moya or the young Rafael Nadal. In effect, you can easily find tennis clubs and different surfaces of play for your enjoyment, on the island of Mallorca. Clay, synthetic, indoor and concrete are the most common surfaces in Mallorca. Below some addresses useful for the travellers eager to practise this sport:

Golf courses

Through the years, the demand for Golf has grown incessantly. Majorca offers a vast and varied choice for golfers. There are 11 recognised Golf courses in Majorca and many centres and academies that specialise in the teaching of Golf.
Golf: Canyamel, Capdepera, Golf Pollensa, Poniente, Royal Bendinat, Santa Ponsa, Son Servera, Son Vida, Vall D'Or, Son Antem und Pula.


The gym is always a good way of not becoming too lax, evening during your vacations in Majorca: a way to keep in shape in order to successfully follow the tougher routine that you are exposed to during the rest of the year. One hour in the morning after breakfast and before the beach; at the beginning or at the end of the afternoon; in short, whenever it takes your fancy!