the island

The island

Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza, Formentera and 147 other inhabited islands are part of the Spanish autonomous province of the Balearic Islands. The island of Majorca is situated in the Mediterranean Sea about 180 km off the Spanish eastcoast.
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Majorca has an area of 3640 km2, rounded by a coastline of 555 km, a distance from north to south of 100 km and from east to west of 70 km, being its highest point of 1432 m.


Approximately 630.000 persons. Most people live in the proximety of Palma de Mallorca.

Biggest cities

Palma     325.000 inhabitants
Manacor    28.000 inhabitants
Inca         23.000 inhabitants


Palma de Mallorca has a tempered Mediterranean climate with an annual average temperature of 19║C and an annual average precipitation of 410 mm. The coldest month is January, with 15,1║/3,5║ and the warmest August, with 31,0║/18,2║. There are 51 days of rain to the year and 2,756 hours of sun.


Before the appearance of the tourism, the culture emblematic was the almond tree, which became a source of wealth thanks to the exportation the remaining productions were cereals, albaricoques for the industry of dried, olive tree and the desire livestock and his derivatives. The agrarian activity began to be mechanizing and also the farming capitalization. With the appearance of touristic industry, the modification of uses and customs and economic diversification affected principally to the Islands of Majorca and of Ibiza, in which tourism turned into “ monoculture “. Actually the main industry is the tourism with approximately 8 million visitors per year. 75 % of the population get their income directly or indirectly from the tourism sector. The salary of the people in Mallorca is approximately 1/3 over the state average.



Majorca belongs to the Autonomous region of the Balearic Islands, which Statute of Autonomy an autonomic government recognizes. Also, there exists an insular government (Insular Advice) for each of the islands. The Parliament of the Balearic Islands has the legislature, its president is Jaume Matas, and the mayor's name of Palma is Catalina Cirer.
The Balearic Islands are integrated to Spain, with a parliamentary monarchy, country that at present is governed by the socialistic party in a climate of entire democracy, which assures the calmness to the citizens and to the visitors of the country.


98 % of the inhabitants belong to the roman catholic church. Although there are some centers for other differents religions.


In Mallorca are spoken spanish and catalan, in its native dialect "mallorquin".