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Majorca and its nice places all around the island offer a great variety of gotic and baroque monuments.
Nature and the environment have become of great interest for the local authorities. Conscious indeed of the importance of the fauna and the flora in Majorca, the nature reserves and the protected zones are in continuous expansion. These protected areas cover approximately 40% of the Majorca island!!

Castle of Alaró

One of the most traditional excursions of Majorca. You can get there from the city by foot or by car.
Direction: Alaró - Majorca.

Castle of Capdepera

The castle is a fortified enclosure from the XIV century; very beautiful.
Direction: Capdepera - Majorca.

Cort - Palma's Town Hall

Elevated in the Cort Square, the Town Hall building boasts a Baroque facade made from numerous elements (1649-1680).
Direction: Plaša de Cort, 1 - Palma de Majorca

The Cathedral

Gothic style, the Cathedral of Palma was built in XIII and XIV centuries.
Direction: Carrer del Palau Reial, 29 - Palma de Majorca.

Castle of Bellver

Castle of Gothic style, unique in its surrounding area (XVI century). Located on a hill outside the city, superb sight of the bay.
Direction: Bosc de Bellver - Palma de Majorca.

Castle of Sant Carles

Fortification which defended the quay of Porto Pi, built in the XVII century, and Military Museum. Superb views of the bay and city of Palma.
Direction: Dic de l'Oest (Portopí) - Palma de Majorca.
els calderers

Els Calderers

A genuine Majorquin property, with autochthonous animals and working material.
Direction: Sant Joan.

La Llotja

Civil Gothic building (XV century). Currently this building has become a centre for art exhibitions.
Direction: Plaša Llotja s/n - Palma de Majorca.

Palace of Almudaina

National Heritage Museum and ancient fortress of Arab origin, the Palace preserves the Gothic modifications to which it was subjected in the XIV century.
Direction: Carrer del Palau Reial, s/n - Palma de Majorca.

Natural Reserve Sa Dargonera

Although this reserve on Mallorca is called Sa Dragonera, the smaller islands Pantaleu, Illa Mitjana and Els Calafats also form part of this reserve.

Natural Reserve Mondragó

This park became of particular interest from a biological and botanical point of view, and its 785 hectares of land were declared a nature reserve in 1992.

Natural Reserve S'Albufera de Mallorca

Albufera de Mallorca is a zone of marshy grounds extending over a surface of approximately 2.850 hectares and with a contour of some 32 kilometers.

Maritime and Terrestrial National Reserve of Cabrera

The archipelago of Cabrera is one of the most important natural areas for the Spanish State. For its exceptional natural qualities and its landscape, the Cortes declared it Maritime and Terrestrial National park in 1991.
More info on Cabrera!